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Add value to your sales and close new businesses by discovering the main opportunities of the Brazilian industrial market.

For goods, industrial materials and services Suppliers.

We help companies to identify potential clients by generating short and mid-term opportunities.

Get to know your customer better and gain a competitive edge. With Brainmarket, you will be able to conduct qualified researches from CAPEX and OPEX business.




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How does it work_

The system assists in medium-term commercial programming, making it possible to make decisions according to the commercial planning goal;

Make unlimited research by segment, sub-segment, company, location, type of business, expected starting date, budget;

Save and integrate your researches with the CRM of your choice;

Count on the support of our team of experts.



Get to know the upcoming opportunities in seaports, airport concessions, current situation for PPPs, Basic Sanitation Concessions and Sub Concessions.


Understand the opportunities in providing services, goods and materials for the Vegetable Oil Refineries and Fertilizer Plants industry.

Oil & Gas

Discover the opportunities in Exploration and Production, including Decommissioning, refining, pipeline transportation and terminals


Learn about new opportunities in new investments and asset maintenance in Brazil's main mining units, including long-term maintenance contracts.

Pulp and Paper

Learn about the opportunities in new investments and the maintenance of assets in the main units of Brazil, including the main units there are going to shutdown for maintenance.


Understand the new investments in the maintenance of the main units in Brazil, including the petrochemical centers of Camaçari/BA, Mauá/SP and Triunfo/RS.


Get to know the main opportunities in Natural Gas Thermoelectric and Biomass, Wind and Solar power in Brazil.

Heavy Industry

Learn the key opportunities in general industries, including Glass, Logistic Complexes and others.

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The Brainmarket Opportunities Panel is updated based on customer demand and supply.


Rugles Rubio - RED do Brasil

Congratulations for the portal ! Easy to use, it provides great commercial information. Thanks to it, I got to define our Sales planning.

Jane Carvalho - Qualidados

We have been using the portal for a few months now and one of its greatest benefits is the effectiveness of the prospecting process and the market access it offers.


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